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A Primer on Cryptographic Proof Systems

*warning! LOTs of math. Introduction This primer aims to explain a few important ideas in the field of Verifiable Computing and in particular, some key tools relevant to building cryptographic proof systems (CPSs). A key advantage of these CPSs is that they allow devices or entities without a lot of resources to verify or “check” that some larger entity with more resources is behaving correctly. We start by introducing a few mathematical tools and then expand on some core cryptographic primiti


A Foray into Blockchain Scalability

Introduction In the last article, we developed a framework for analyzing L1s. We pointed out briefly that the motivation behind many of these novel L1s has largely been centered around finding solutions to blockchain scalability. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these solutions. In this piece, we aim to: * Provide an overview of various layer-1 and layer-2 scaling solutions. * Analyze and compare these different solutions along some

A Framework for Analyzing L1s

Introduction In the previous article, we went over a few components of blockchain infrastructure related to layer-1s (L1s). Let's take a closer examination of these L1s. Here, we define a succinct but powerful framework for: * effectively analyzing the performance of L1s. * determining the commercial viability of their ecosystems based on well-defined properties and measurable metrics. Don’t Be Vague The language around evaluating and compa