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Building blocks_


2015 - 2016


Jump Labs opened with an intern project at UIUC’s Research Park in 2015. Output included the development and completion of an HFT Trading Firm.




As bitcoin prices rallied, Jump Labs transformed.

Interns became traders. Explosive growth led to a global team of traders working exclusively in the crypto markets.


2018 - 2019


As markets cooled, we began partnering with projects to provide on-exchange liquidity.

This additional focal point helped carry us through the turbulence.


2020 - 2021


With a global, 24/7 trading team in place, remote work was not a foreign concept.

We continued to expand our expertise, hiring some of the best blockchain engineers to develop new protocols.




Today we have over 120 experts in protocol, defi, research, investing, and partnerships.

The size and scale are different. But the need to build and the committment to solving unsolveable problems - no matter how hard - remains unchanged.

7 years may not sound like much.
In crypto, it’s an eternity.

Terms of Use_Privacy Policy_Disclaimers_

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