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Building is hard_

Everyone has a passion for innovation. Few have the stomach for it. We are engineers, investors and traders consumed by building the future of web3. Welcome. Look around.

.Featured Projects


Solana realized that a second validator client would create a better network for all. When it came time to build that validator, Solana came to Jump Crypto, a result of our deep expertise in building networks of this nature. Led by Chief Science Officer Kevin Bowers, Firedancer is an audacious undertaking that is set to take roughly 24 months to complete, with a goal of drastically increasing Solana’s networking throughput, resiliency and efficiency. Firedancer is being built entirely in the open, with full transparency, so if successful, it will have positive implications for all of Web 3.



Zero Knowledge proofs are quickly becoming a core primitive for blockchains as a means for enabling the development of highly-scalable distributed systems and privacy-enabled applications. Hence, low-latency proof generation is critical to the success of ZKs. Check out how we married our expertise in hardware and FPGA design with our experience in crypto to help accelerate core components of these proof systems by a factor of 10. The code is open-source and out in the open — we’re excited to contribute to a ZK future.

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Key custody is an ongoing problem when working with large teams of people using the latest blockchains. There's a great need for more customizable and feature-rich custody solutions, especially as more diverse sets of people and institutions get involved. We decided to start Project Silo to build custody solutions to suit our needs and also contribute back to the industry through open source.

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the Pit

When you’re bringing together some of the best in the world to create the future of Web3, conference rooms and sterile offices don’t cut it. If you're building the future, you should build in a place that belongs to the future - where serious developers, artists, and everyone in between can feel inspired. In the Pit, we only have one ask - bring your best. Your best ideas. Your best attitude. We'll take care of just about everything else. It's the least we can do for the builders of tomorrow.

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7 years may not sound like much.
In crypto, it’s an eternity.

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