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Scaling Smart Contract Security: Why We Invested in Certora

Smart contracts are one of the primary drivers of innovation in the crypto ecosystem. These self-executing instruments act as building blocks for trustless, interconnected applications and power novel constructs like DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs. Having said that, smart contract security remains one of the biggest barriers to the mass adoption of these applications. Though the industry is maturing, smart contract development is still a relatively new field that requires a distinct engineering mindset,


SLOB: Searcher Limit Order Book

tl;dr: we explore a theoretical Ethereum CLOB DEX protocol that leverages Flashbots to enable traders to place orders that live off-chain and pay no gas fees unless the order trades and settles on-chain. The issue with gas-expensive blockchains and CLOB Today, most DEX protocols operate with passive liquidity provision and explicit AMM pricing curves (xyk, stableswap). This design allows for market makers to be entirely hands-off while providing liquidity and facilitating price discovery. Howev